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What do makeup and donuts have in common? …RAVING FANS!

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What do makeup and donuts have in common? …RAVING FANS!

I’ll keep this one “short and sweet” 😊.  

My first response to the new collaboration between Dunkin Donuts and e.l.f Cosmetics(dropped 4/3/22) was to laugh aloud. However, upon further investigation, I’ve concluded that this may be one of the most brilliant collaborations I’ve seen in a long time.

This isn’t the first time that e.l.f Cosmetics has partnered with an unlikely food brand. When they partnered with Chipotle for a limited edition online-only collection inspired by Chipotle’s menu, the collection sold out in three days.

These seemingly “unusual pairings” are no mistake but part of a carefully thought-out strategy based on the following facts:

  • Unexpected collaborations grab the attention of younger shoppers, and e.l.f’s customers are primarily Gen Z.
  • Studies show that one-third of consumers in the 18-44 age range are more likely to buy products from collaborations.
  • The brand aims to be an industry disruptor, which I think they are succeeding at for sure!

If you still have any doubts about how this will all play out, I invite you to look at the brand’s Instagram page. The collaboration announcement post received over 31K likes and 700 comments. 

The overall lesson here is that once you have a deep connection and understanding of your target audience, you can connect, engage, and lead them, even if it’s down a less-traveled path. This collaboration is an excellent example of a #brandwin! 

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