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Personal Branding and Personal Business

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Personal Branding and Personal Business

Long gone are the days when we could comfortably live our personal lives without our actions being linked to our place of business. With the growth of social media, personal experiences and professional personas are made public, making it very easy to find out where someone works and compare their professional* persona with what is displayed on their seemingly private pages.

This begs the question: Should we be more conscious of our brand, even when it comes to our personal lives?

A story that has recently been circling the internet has been the post left by a saddened wife regarding the treatment she was receiving from her husband. The story is as follows:

“A woman took to the internet to gauge whether she was overreacting. Her husband often travels alone with his best friend, but this time invited her along. He bought her a ticket in coach, while he buying tickets in first for himself and his friend. The man explained that she flies coach because the woman – a stay at home mom – has “no job” even though she reports they’re easily able to afford first class.

They left the kids with the wife’s mother, and got ready to travel, which is when she learned she’d be in economy and he wouldn’t. He “refused to discuss” it and then lambasted her, complaining that he “PAID FOR [HE]R TICKET..ISN’T THAT ENOUGH???” and belittling her for acting like “royalty.”

She cried, decided not to go on the trip, and picked the kids back up from her mother’s home. He took the trip. She asks whether she’s in the wrong “for not settling for economy?” ”

Comments soon flooded that side with the wife. As for the husband, many were shocked and displeased with his reasoning. While it seems that none of these flights were business trips, it may be hard for some to separate the “husband” from the “businessman”.

In an article on the importance of personal branding by Cytonn, it is stated, “personal branding on social media is about shaping the public perception of you as a brand by having a consistent voice, personality and biography on the various platforms… extra care should be taken to avoid being emotive when addressing issues on the various platforms as their followers are keenly aware of whom they are engaging even if not expressly stated on their profiles. If not carefully managed, a business leader’s reputation on social media could be counterproductive and damaging to his/her company’s brand perception and reputation.”

 As an employer, would you feel comfortable having someone represent your business with this type of information made public? As a consumer, are you willing to buy from someone like the husband?

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