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“IDK” What’s Better Than Popeye’s New Meal Campaign

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“IDK” What’s Better Than Popeye’s New Meal Campaign

By Altia Bend

Ever become frustrated after not being able to decide what to eat? Well, Popeye’s is changing that with their new “IDK meal”. Their “IDK meal”, which stands for “I don’t know” is Popeye’s solution for those moments where you’re starving but have too many options to choose from. Instead of struggling to figure out what to order, the “IDK meal” does everything for the customer by including their classic Mild or Spicy Chicken Sandwich with a Premium Classic or Strawberry Lemonade for only six dollars. 

“From a communications standpoint, we want to raise awareness of the IDK Meal with our fans and encourage them to try both our Chicken Sandwich and Strawberry Lemonade,” states Alexandre Antonello, VP of brand marketing for Popeyes U.S. and international markets, to PRWeek

To promote the meal, Popeyes is partnering with popular influencers with millions of followers. Part of their marketing campaign includes a TV commercial filmed in a style similar to Tik Tok featuring influencers Destorm Power, who is currently nearing 6 million followers on Instagram,  and Liane V, nearing 5 million Instagram followers. 

Using influencer marketing to promote their new meal rather than celebrities is genius on Popeye’s part. According to TheMarketingSage.com,  “influencers have built strong relationships with their fans, establishing trust and credibility. Users respect their recommendations. For example, when a celebrity endorses a product or service, it instantly establishes credibility for the brand they are promoting. Social influencers exert a degree of authority on the goods or services that they are supporting…influencers that are relevant to your brand have already an established audience on social media. Hence, you can easily get hold of your target group when you use an influencer. There is no need to spend extra money just to test and find your market, as the influencer has already one.”

Check out some more of Popeye’s cool promo for their new meal here!

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